Physical immortality dating

27 Apr

Cryonics, sometimes also referred to as cryogenics, is an experimental area of research into the possibility of preserving human bodies at very low temperature with the hope of reviving the deceased at a time when future medical technology will be able to restore them to life and cure their ills.

Being frozen is not cheap: Alcor charges 0,000 plus yearly dues for whole-body preservation and ,000 plus dues for just your head.

Three years later in spreading out from the accepted giants of our time like Einstein, Freud, Frazer, Sherrington, Pavlov, and Russell we began to read closely and to analyze and discuss Wiener and other cyberneticians.

Being a fervent addict of Joyce and Freud I was well conditioned to reading into any author, especially Wiener, strange and unusual meanings.

Im starting to wonder whether the opposite is true.

Then there is the challenge to store an amount of information many millions of orders of magnitude bigger than the current computer systems.

After growing up to be a math and physics teacher, Ettinger turned his attention to making the sci-fi vision of cryonic suspension a reality.

He called the procedure a form of “one-way medical time travel.” In the early 1960s, Ettinger founded The Immortalist Society, the first of a small handful of clubs that would crop up across the country where people met to discuss their plans to achieve eternal life.

LONGEVITY & IMMORTALITY VITALITY 20 80 YRS LONGEVITY 80 120 YRS IMMORTALITY 120 1000 YRS How does one become Immortal? Im serious, I believe that in our lifetimes we will see the birth of the Immortal Human, through science this will be achieved, Im not talking about freezing the body as in Cryonics either.

I am currently in Beijing and trying to contact the Taoists here in the White Cloud Temple, seeing as part of their philosophy is physical immortality.