Stop quickbooks from updating

16 May

It is a real pain in the neck to have to deal with this every 90 days.From Intuit, having a password as well as changing it every 90 days is now required it you use the Intuit Merchant Service OR if you have recorded any credit card data in QB on customer records: If you don't have the merchant service service, then if you remove all CC data from customers it should stop forcing a password.92 percentage of interviewed users indicated they didn't know about Quickbooks Update Agent presence on their machines.A lot of users habitually ignore user agreements of software allowing Quickbooks Update Agent installing on their computers.However, there was one employee that had personal information, and I deleted it (we only use it for Job Costing, so we only need the employees name). Re-Open file and there should no longer be a login prompt. Removing EIN/TIN/SSN may affect the ability to 1099 from Quickbooks directly or other features dependent on the company EIN/TIN/SSN .  Intuit support mentioned that a patch is in the works to solve some of the problems with the password requirements forced by this update.  Hopefully those who are using Quickbooks for basic bookkeeping will be able to use this workaround.After I deleted all personal information, I followed the steps below again and it worked!!! Delete both new password and repeat password fields11. Summary:  I provided a workaround for MAIN cases.Then if you fail to decline the offer it starts hidden installation.

Quickbooks Update Agent also treats specifities of client-side Java Script to install itself without user knowledge about it.Unfortunately there does not appear to be a built in way to figure out which customers have a credit card number entered. If you do, then to remove the merchant service from your company file follow these steps:- Press the F2 key to open the Product Information window.- Click anywhere on background of Product Information window.- Press the control (CTRL) key and the A key together (CTRL A), this step resets Quick Books so it does not recognize the existing account association.- Answer Yes, that you're sure.  Wait until the process completes.I had to answer the question twice, for some reason.------------------------------Update:  None of this will, put a check in the box “Turn off pop-up messages for products and services”.This turns off many of these advertisements (but not all, in some editions).