Dating someone with a spinal cord injury jesse csincsak dating 2016

22 Dec

We were together for 10 years after my injury and if anything the injury brought us closer together.The last couple years we were together we just grew farther and farther apart, we had different interests it just wasn’t working. The day came when she would move out and two emotions quickly came over me, the first was the feeling of freedom and independence.Even with spinal injuries, patients want to be close to and even intimate with other people.Yet they wonder if they can ever be seen as attractive to anyone else.They feel that they will never find a relationship or if they are in a relationship they feel like their partner will not have the same feelings for them.A couple of popular statements I hear are “who would want to date someone in a chair” or “how can they love me the same when I cannot do the things I have done before”.If love is in the air, it doesn’t matter if one or both members of the couple spend much of their time in a wheelchair.

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People new to the wheelchair scene feel inadequate and don’t want to ask others for help.

I know, it’s stereotypical of me as a woman to say that communication is a huge factor in getting physical, but without talking, your partner might not know how to treat you right.

It’s all about where you can and can’t feel, how to physically support you, what areas are hypersensitive, how to pick you up, etc. For me, this means being ready to work around balance or height issues.

Nevertheless, they want to be more than just friends to some people they feel attracted to.

Women have a harder time in a wheelchair with regard to dating when compared to men.