Nate berkus is dating

22 Apr

alum, who plays Captain Tom Chandler on the series that has already been renewed for a fifth season, has a history of personal struggles as he entered rehab back in 2011 for a painkiller addiction.

Alexandra, who burst on the scene by playing the late Aaliyah in the Lifetime movie, , “and things are pretty amicable.” Well, when they announced their split on May 13, the X-Man ex-couple said they would remain friends and co-parent their 5-year-old son, Brendan.

“He may have litigated out of any kind of situation,” Johnny said.

“My position is he got off on a technicality.” Other family members reached by There’s no evidence that the woman’s death was directly linked to the trial.

The woman who accused “The Birth of a Nation” director and star Nate Parker of raping her while they were both Penn State students died in 2012 at age 30, according to family members and public records.

Her older brother told , asking not to use his last name to honor his sister’s wishes to remain anonymous.