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24 Jan

“And now we’re taking this path of almost saying that, ‘Are you guilty?

If you are, give us your license.’ ”The board tabled action Thursday on Bismarck Public Schools employee Tania Gerving’s license pending the outcome of her court case.

They had accepted a territory that was just a little smaller than their traditional lands (See Map 1).

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BISMARCK – After North Dakota’s teacher licensing board voted Thursday to ask a former Bottineau High School science teacher charged with sex crimes involving minors to voluntarily surrender her license until the court matter is resolved, a board member questioned a lack of consistency in how it has handled similar cases. The corruption charge alleges that Deslauriers engaged in a sexual act in November with a 15-year-old boy. Bottineau Superintendent Jason Kersten said Deslauriers was placed on paid administrative leave Dec.We ended up using that photo in our first book, accompanied by the comments of Gail Biby, who grew up there.These photos represent the rest of the batch that we shot from the shoulder of that then-busy highway which has since been raised and relocated.We’ve visited the topic of Devils Lake’s rising waters on several occasions, and we used Google Earth to create an animation that shows the expanding shoreline of the lake.Our first experience with the Rise of Devils Lake however came in 2005 when we posted the photos of the Harmon residence shown on this page, just before it succumbed to the rising lake.