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22 May

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I like the vampire role-play because it's total seductive fantasy.

Do you have any preferred roles that you like to play with? Woman A: I've tried a few — domme/sub, sadist/masochist, professor/student, queen/servant, vampire/victim. I also identify as a sadomasochist and particularly a sadist.

I don't remember how it happened exactly but it stemmed from boyfriend/girlfriend play. Woman A: It's been mostly a mutual desire, but probably my idea more than not. It can also be challenging to know where the boundaries are and to find that sweet spot between pushing toward the edge but not over it.

Woman B: Eighteen — I only started doing it this year. Woman B: It can be hard setting boundaries when you're starting out, and I often find it a challenge to stay in character if there's something I need to tell a partner.

Man A: Yes — I've played doctor and patient, secretary, random strangers, knight and queen, superhero and human. It allows me to be something that I'm not in real life. But most of them didn't have expectations attached to them, just curiosity. I have to play a character who is sure of herself, and that carries back to when I'm not in character.

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spoke to two anonymous women and one anonymous man about role-play. Woman B: My partner and I generally do a sex slave/master role-play, in which I submit. (In general, aside from specific roles that may be a turn on.)Woman A: I like exploring different parts of myself.

I like playing with power dynamics, so I guess that's why I like role-play in general.

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