Trishelle the miz dating

02 Dec

Sucker Punch is hitting theaters this week, just as MTV has renewed The Real World for another two seasons, on the heels of the debut of Season 15 (!! What do these two seemingly unrelated things have in common?Jamie Chung, the Sucker Punch star, who got her start on the remarkably durable MTV reality show.

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Judd Winick – Real World: San Francisco Judd married Real World: San Francisco co-star Pam Ling in 2001 and they now have two kids. Pedro Zamora – Real World: San Francisco Pedro was an openly gay and openly HIV-positive cast member on The Real World: San Francisco.MTV’s Pam Ling – Real World: San Francisco A Phi Beta Kappa member from Harvard and perpetual overachiever, Pam Ling is now married to housemate Judd Winick.The couple continues Pedro Zamora’s work in AIDS education.He was praised by President Bill Clinton for humanizing those living with HIV and for activism that brought international attention to AIDS and LGBT issues.In November 1994, the day after the season finale of Real World: San Francisco aired, Pedro passed away of AIDS-related illness.