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17 Aug

95% Harry Potter blog, plus a little bit of me :) SEMI-HIATUS FOR SCHOOL UNTIL JANUARY.

So, could the Potter legacy actually delve into the Slytherin world? After Harry defeats He Who Must Not Be Named, the Ministry arrested many of the surviving Death Eaters. The government pardoned the Malfoys due to Lucius giving up much information about the whereabouts of Death Eaters.

• waking up in Saturday mornings cuddled together, his arm draped around your waist, his face pressed into the crook of your neck • spending almost all of your spare time trying to become an animagus behind his back• finally managing to get your form, surprising him before he turns on a full moon• being there when he wakes up, taking his lecture on the dangers with a soft smile because now you could finally be there for him through it all • stealing his sweater on a particularly cold morning, pretending not to notice how happy he looks when he sees you wearing it• fighting tooth and nail with him over him being a monster• never going to bed angry with each other, something his mother had taught him when he was a child• telling each other ‘I love you’ whenever you leave each other, and at the most random times• sitting at the gryffindor table every morning for breakfast, teasing him about the amount of healthy foods he eats• ‘and here I thought all you ate was chocolate’• 'oh you should know that’s not all he eats’• 'OUCH!

Unless they shelled out for plane tickets, they weren't seeing the two-part play that continued Harry Potter's story, 19 years after defeating Voldemort.

” ~ You would support him at Quidditch games (even if you weren’t in his house), wearing his school scarf ~ Victory sex after they win the Qudditch Cup~ “Did you just use the stupefy charm or are you just a natural stunner?

” ~ Lazy cuddling and eating chocolate muffins Sirius had smuggled from the kitchen in your dorm room on Sunday mornings~ Playing pranks on him with James ~ Winks across the classroom~ Lip bites whenever you walked in a room that drove you absolutely insane~ Sirius would like calling you anything except your name so lots and lots of pet names that you couldn’t get enough of~ When he would get detention you would get in trouble purposely and sit in detention with him ~ Sirius would be such a whiner ~ “Babe, give me a kiss.” ~ “Angel, I need attention.” ~ “Stop loving your books more than me.” ~ You would get extremely jealous of all the girls throwing themselves at him~ He’d usually makes jokes about it but definitely assure you that you were all he needed / wanted ~ Sitting at the dinner table in a comfortable silence until James pipes up ~ “Remus owes me 3 galleons.” ~ “Yeah, what for?