Lena dating

14 Aug

Unless you've been hiding under a rock you'll have noticed that jeans this season just have to be ripped. It's all part of the 1990s redux that's been going on for months and for those of us who grew up with grunge it's a welcome return.

So Lena's super distressed denim is right up our street and in a baggy boyfriend cut they're edgy, relaxed and have tonnes of fashion editor-esque style credentials.

Her father is Protestant and of mostly English ancestry, and her mother is Jewish; Dunham has described herself as feeling "very culturally Jewish, although that's the biggest cliché for a Jewish woman to say".

While a student at Oberlin College, Dunham produced several independent short films and uploaded them to You Tube.

Their character did not get along in the popular fantasy show but the pair certainly seemed very affectionate with one another asthe 39-year-old actor putting an arm around Lena while they laughed and joked together.'Lena is one of my favorite persons.

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Welcome back to Lena Katina.com, you may notice it’s had a little bit of a facelift. Next week, on Friday 1st July, Lena will perform at the Mr Gay Pride Gala in Madrid at Puerta del Sol in celebration of the release of her Spanish debut, “Esta Soy Yo”.

And also, I mean, not to repeat age-old feminist points, but it's like you know, any male actor her age who's going out and dating is applauded and to just have a perfectly normal amount of romantic partners but be held to impossibly high standards by the press, like it's just an unfair and unwinnable game." While Taylor Swift has come under a lot of scrutiny since the #Taylor Swift Is Over Party this past summer, it's clear Lena Dunham still has her girl's back!

I think about the relationships that I had in my early twenties and if they had been public, it would've been a disaster.