Dating coptic orthodox church

10 May

The Coptic Leap Year follows the same rules as the Gregorian so that the extra month always has 6 days in the year before a Gregorian Leap Year.

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For Orthodox churches it is the celebration of the baptism of Jesus; for Western Christians it is the Feast of the Magi.His comments came in remarks to the World Retreat of Priests at the Basilica of St. My Christ rose today and yours next week,” he said that this disunity is a scandal.The Orthodox Churches normally celebrate Easter a week after the Catholics.The Most Rev Justin Welby said that Anglican leaders would join discussions with other church leaders about the move to fix the date for the first time and put an end to almost 2,000 years of controversy.Archbishop Welby said Anglican leaders had voted to join discussions with the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches to set an annual date.