Pretty girls dating ugly men

02 Oct

Size is relative from the overweight to the pint sized.

Babe Ruth weighed around 200 lbs at the peak of his career and at that weight you can't expect anyone to run around stealing bases and all that quick and athletic stuff.

But it’s still interesting to find out what keeps a guy from wanting to be your boyfriend.

So, why won’t he date you, but he’ll be friends with you? lnspire: If she has too much of a friend/innocent personality. Source: Shutter Stock Richard Cano: For me it's not just being ugly like everyone here says.

We find so much complexity and so much simplicity coexisting in all of us and as each finger print is unique from the rest, so are all of us different from each other. Each one a separate part of the whole but all of us contributing to this crazy thing we call life.

With this diversity of people around us, each with a different agenda, outlook and experience, how do we celebrate each one?

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People are the strangest creatures and you often find them doing the most outlandish things.

In fact, the only general rule about us is that we are all a big conundrum, a puzzle no one can fully piece together.

First, before we get into this, I’d like to say that I don’t agree with the term “friendzone” at all.

The friendzone is something that was made up so people could complain when someone doesn’t like them enough to date them.